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People, planet and data. The management tool for upstream work in wastewater treatment plants.

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EnvoMap gives businesses an easy overview so that actions can be taken quickly to avoid hazardous substances of reaching lakes and/or seas. A system that lets you make the best decision for the environment by foreseeing incoming pollutants.

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A completely web-based tool with easy-to-navigate maps and quick access to businesses chemical lists. Gather information in one place and get a complete view of the emissions impact with a geographical placing. In short: a system that works in the long run.

EnvoMap gives an easy overview so that actions can be taken quickly
Business operators within the catchment area register their chemical consumption online.
All municipal environment information is gathered in one place.

EnvoMap quickly paints a picture of incoming pollutants to the treatment plant. This way, we’re able to effectively implement measures so that dangerous substances don’t reach the municipality's surrounding lakes and/or seas.

Consumption in the cloud

Companies, sludge emptying points, pumping stations, sampling points and the VA network are all available through easy-to-navigate maps. Entrepreneurs and company leaders in the municipality register their own chemical consumption online.

This is accessible on both computer and tablet. When a value exceeds the limit, it is clearly indicated by a color marker. All information for the municipality's environment gathered in one place.

By simply clicking in the map you get more information, and can see, for example, the companies reported chemical list.
Sandra Burman
EnvoMap is enabling us to quickly and easily get a geographical overview of affiliated businesses.
Katarina Hansson And Susanna Flygare

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