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A key voice at Vatten2023

Digitalization and new technology are set to play a crucial role in ensuring water access in a world where climate change affects water resources. Members of the water industry are sharing insights into how digitalization is shaping the future of water management.

Through innovative technologies like sensors and IoT, the water industry now monitors water quality and flows in real-time, allowing for rapid detection of issues and inefficiencies in water supply systems.

Erika von Hage from Gemit Solutions is a key voice in this discussion, emphasizing the importance of democratizing access to critical water data. Instead of locking data away, von Hage stresses the need to make it securely accessible, promoting transparency and collaboration within the industry.

This marks the beginning of a journey towards more sustainable and efficient water management. By combining technological innovation with cooperation and knowledge sharing, the goal is to tackle water challenges in an ever-changing world.

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